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Based in Stafford, TX, DonateMo was established with the vision of helping nonprofit organizations and religious entities to raise donations/funds efficiently while making a simple user experience to encourage donors to give with multiple payment options. With DonateMo, you can collect donations, display service/prayer times, and share announcements all from our intuitive dashboard. DonateMo will become a simple solution in meeting all your fundraising goals with our exclusive features and tools including: kiosk giving, custom app, Text 2 Give, notification facility, easy-to-use dashboard, and more. Give your members up to the minute announcements with our push notifications, share your organization photos, literature, audio, and video, promote events, and list service times. Donors can set up recurring donations with one click. Come see how easy it is to manage your donations with DonateMo..

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Fundraising Software


To learn more about the fundraising software, Visit DonateMo!